En Dash Copy Paste

En Dash Copy Paste: All You Need To Know

En dash copy paste: Today, in a world in which information exchange happens with lightning speed, using the appropriate tools to handle document formatting is essential. If you’re a student or professional or are often working using text, knowing how to use the En Dash (“-“) when copy-pasting text could be an important game changer. In this post, we’ll discuss how the use of en dash copy paste could simplify your writing.

Understanding the En Dash

Before we get into copy-paste with a dash, we should know what an en dash copy paste actually is and what makes it different in comparison to other punctuation symbols.

What Is an En Dash?

A dash is a uniform punctuation mark, which is larger than a hyphen and shorter than an emboss. Its principal function is to establish a relationship or the relationship between two objects like dates, numbers, or similar things.

En Dash vs. Em Dash

It is important to differentiate between the en dash and the Em dash. The en dash can be used to connect ranges, connections, and other items and the en dash copy paste can be used intended to set off clauses and sentences within.

En Dash Copy Paste: How It Works

We now know what an en dash means Let’s look at what it does to simplify copy-pasting: en dash copy paste:

En Dash for Better Formatting

The main benefit that en dashes offers for copy-pasting is the ability to ensure consistency in formatting. If you are copying content with connections, ranges, or other types of information substituting hyphens by the en dashes will instantly enhance the look and feel of your documents.

Making Date Ranges Clearer

Think about copying a range of dates for example “January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023.” If you are using en dashes in place of hyphens, it will be “January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023,” it looks polished and is more easy to comprehend.

Enhancing Readability

En dashes tend to be larger than hyphens. They make it easier for people to recognize the connection or the range they’re marking. This is particularly helpful in the case of complex information or long text.

How to Use En Dash Copy Paste

Once you have realized the advantages, let’s look through the steps to make use of a en dash copy paste efficiently.

Identify When to Use It

Before using en dashes ensure that they are appropriate for the situation. Dashes work best when used to be used for number ranges and other related things. Do not use them for non-related reasons.

Replace Hyphens

If you copy content, substitute hyphens for the appropriate en dash copy paste. The majority of software for text editors and word processors permits this easily.

Proofread and Format

If you’ve used en dashes as part of the copy-pasting process, make sure to check your work. Make sure that the en dashes have been properly placed, and that your formatting appears clean and professional.

On a Windows Computer:

  1. Find your Numeric Keypad The first step is to locate the numeric keypad located on the right-hand side of the keyboard (if you own one).
  2. “Hold “Alt” Key: Press and hold your “Alt” key on your keyboard.
  3. Type in the code By holding your “Alt” key pressed, enter”0150″ using the numeric keypad “0150” using the numeric keypad.
  4. Let go of the “Alt” Key: Then, let go of your “Alt” key, and you’ll notice the dash appear in the area where the cursor is.

Add an Em or En dash copy paste with keyboard shortcut keys

Important Note the Num Lock is required to be turned on and you must use the minus key on your numeric keyboard to access the keys below in order to function.

For creating an Em dash using a keyboard shortcut, choose any of the following options:

  • Ctrl + Alt + -
  • Type two hyphens (–)
  • Use alt code : Alt +0151

For creating an En dash copy paste by using a keyboard shortcut, you can use one of these:

  • Ctrl + -
  • Use alt code : Alt +0150

Add an Em or En dash in the menu Symbol

It is also possible to create a unique dash through the Insert symbol menu.

  1. Within the Microsoft Word document, choose Insert within the menu Bar.
  2. Choose Symbol.
  3. Choose More Symbols.
  4. Select the characters you wish to add. The Em dash should appear on that second row. For inserting multiple characters, just click in succession.
  5. Once you’re done When you’re finished, select “Close” and close the Special characters window.

How do I type an en dash copy paste?

On a Mac Computer:

  1. Utilize the Hyphen Key to enter an en dash in a Mac you need to press the “Option” key (also known as the “Alt” key) and the hyphen key (the one that is next after”0″) “0” key).

On a Linux Computer:

  1. The same as Windows In Linux it is possible to use an approach similar to Windows. Press your “Alt” key and type “0150” on the numeric keypad.

In Microsoft Word or Other Word Processing Software:

  1. Enter a Word, Hyphen, and Other Word when using word processing software such as Microsoft Word, you can enter a word and then the word, space, hyphen as well and another space. the next word. The software will convert the hyphen into a dash. In other words, if you enter “June – July” and you press space immediately after the next hyphen, the phrase will be changed to “June – July.”

What’s the En dash copy paste symbol?

The en dashing is a punctuation symbol that appears as if it’s a line. The en dash is commonly used when writing to accomplish two primary reasons:

  1. showing ranges Think about how you would like to discuss dates, numbers, or even pages that move between two things. The en dash can assist in this regard. As an example, if you are looking to use the numbers from 10 to 20 you can put it in this way 10-20. The en dash indicates the entire range.
  2. Connecting Related Things There are times when you’ll want to join items that have a commonality. En dash copy paste is a great tool for it too. If, for instance, you’re discussing a flight that runs between New York and Paris, it is possible to utilize the en die to link these two cities: Paris and New York.

How do you insert the long dash?

Using Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • If you’re using a Windows machine, press and keep the “Alt” key, then you can type “0150” using the numeric keypad (the numbers that are located on the right-hand side of the keyboard). After you let go of your “Alt” key, the dash (+) will appear in the place where you are typing.
  • If you’re running the Mac you can simply hit the “Option” key and the “hyphen” key simultaneously. It will then insert the dash (+) wherever your cursor appears.

Using Software Menus:

  • For most word processors and editors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, There’s typically a distinct symbol or character menu. Search for it and locate the dash (+) inside. Click on it and it’ll be added to the document you’ve created.


  • A few programs are smart and will automatically change the double hyphen (–) into a dash (-) when you enter. Thus, when you write “New York–Paris,” it could magically change to “New York-Paris.”

The methods above should work with the majority of software. However, if you’re unsure, look in the manual for instructions specific to inserting an indentation. It’s easy!

Add an Em with keyboard Shortcuts

NoteNum Lock has to be turned on and you have to press the minus key on your numeric keyboard for the keyboard shortcuts that follow in order to use them.

To make an Em dash by using the keyboard, you can use one of these:

  • Ctrl + Alt + -
  • Type two of hyphens (–)
  • Use alt code: Alt +0151

In order to create an En dash by using keyboard shortcuts, you can use one of the following options:

  • Ctrl + -
  • Use alt code: Alt +0150

Add an Em or an En dash by using the menu Symbol

It is also possible to create a unique dash through the Insert symbol menu.

  1. Within the Microsoft Word document, choose Insert within the menu bar.
  2. Choose Symbol.
  3. Choose More Symbols.
  4. Choose the characters that you would like to add. The Em dash should be located on one of the rows. If you want to insert more characters, simply click each one by one.
  5. After you’re done When you’re finished, select Close and close the Special characters window.

Add an Em an En dash copy paste

If nothing else works Copy and paste this dash of an additional document, like this one.

  1. Make sure you highlight the dash that you wish to use:

Em dash: 
En dash: 

  1. Print it and press Ctrl + C On the Windows PC or Command + C using the Mac.
  2. Within the Word document, position the cursor on your text where you would like the dash to be, then copy it.

TipTo paste, press Ctrl + V On a Windows PC or Command + V using an Mac.

Remove an Em or En dash copy paste

If you’re Word document is adorned with an Em dash or an En dash that you would like to eliminate it, try one of these steps:

  • The Em dash is highlighted or the En dash by using your mouse. Press the Del key.
  • The cursor should be placed in the middle of the Em dash, or the En dash. Then click Backspace .

In order to replace an Em dash and En dash, you can replace it with a regular hyphen, simply type the hyphen after you have removed either the Em or En dash.

How to create a lengthy sprint using Google Docs

If you wish to create a long or long hyphen as well as a long dash in Google Docs similar to (——) you can do, simply use the the Alt + C + I shortcut keys on your keyboard to display the special characters in the dialog box

Enter em dash into the search bar, and then click three em diesh to make the long dash.

How to create an extended dash using word on mac

  1. Microsoft Word: Open Microsoft Word: First start by opening Microsoft Word on your Mac.
  2. Begin Typing Beginning typing text wherever you would like to make use of the en dash.
  3. Insert the En Dash :
    • For creating an en-dash to create an en dash, press to press the “Option” key on your keyboard.
    • While holding “Option,” press the”hyphen” key (the one that is next the “0” on the top row of keys).

Em dash

When to Use an Em Dash:

  1. Highlighting important information Use an em die to pay an extra focus to certain parts of your text. As an example “She had one goal–to win.”
  2. showing interruptions Em dashes are excellent for displaying sudden interruptions or breaks in the course of a sentence, for example: the following dialogue: “I was going to tell her something, but–oh, never mind!”
  3. Removing Parentheses and Commas In some cases, em dashes can replace colons, commas, or parentheses, to simplify explanations and lists. Like, “He loved three things–sunsets, long walks, and ice cream.”

Making an Em Dash:

To type an em dash on your computer:

  • Windows Microsoft Windows the keypad and press “Alt,” then type “0151” on the numeric keypad (the numbers are on the right-hand side of the keyboard).
  • macOS MacOS: Press “Shift,” “Option,” and then the hyphen keys simultaneously.

It’s done! Now you’ve got the em dash down. It’s an effective instrument to make your writing more clear and expressive.


The inclusion of a dash copy paste in your toolkit for document formatting could significantly increase your professionalism as well as the quality of your documents. Utilizing these basic tools for typography, you’ll be able to convey information with greater clarity and be able to impress your readers.

Let’s now address the most frequently asked questions regarding the copy-paste in a dash:


Do I have to use the dash to refer to any number?

The en dash is ideal for dates, ranges of numbers range, and similar things. If you are looking for other uses, think about making use of the em dash, or another punctuation mark.

Are en dashes similar to the hyperhen?

They are not the same. The en dash runs larger than a hyphen and is used for a different function of formatting. Hyphens can be used to connect the words in a sentence.

Do you have shortcuts to type the Dash?

Most keyboards have shortcuts. To access Windows it is possible to use “Alt” + “0150” on the numeric keyboard and Mac users are able to use “Option” + “-“.

Does en dash copy paste work in all word-processing software?

Yes, En Dash Copy Paste is supported by the most popular programs like Microsoft Word, Google Docs as well as Adobe InDesign. Be sure to check that the application accepts dies.

What can I find out about the art of typography and formatting documents?

Find online resources such as typography guides and style guides that will take you deep into these areas.

To conclude, en dash copy paste can be an effective method to improve the appearance and quality of documents. When you master this technique it will allow you to communicate information efficiently and impress your viewers by presenting your content in a professional manner.

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