Error Code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg

Error Code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg Fixed

Error Code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg: Within the computer world and software, error codes appear quite frequently. One such puzzling error is the “error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg.” Let’s look at what that signifies and what you can do to solve the issue.

Understanding the Error

The “error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg” is connected to something called the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The problem usually happens in the event of a glitch creating a virtual machine instance. It could be due to different reasons like improper settings, malfunctions with the system, or issues between various programs.

Common Situations Where It Shows Up

The error is often visible on its ugly face while you’re creating WSL for the first time. It can also occur when you are creating adjustments, or working on virtual machines running on your Windows computer.

Diagnosing the Error

In order to determine what’s the cause of this issue, you have been following a logical process. First, you must determine whether and when it occurs. Check the system logs and error messages for further information. Finding the cause of the issue is crucial to finding an answer.

Fixing the Error

  1. Review Your Virtual Machine Configuration Check the settings on your virtual machine and ensure that they are in line with the requirements of WSL.
  2. update WSL Maintaining your Windows Subsystem for Linux up and up-to-date can fix problems with compatibility.
  3. Fix WSL Installation If this issue keeps popping up you can try fixing the WSL installation using in the Windows Features menu.
  4. Reinstall the Virtual Machine: In some instances, reinstalling the virtual machine could be necessary to correct the problem.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Delete any conflicting software or other third-party software.
  • Be sure to possess administrative access.
  • Check Your WSL setup and installation procedures.
  • Make sure that the image for your virtual machine the machine is running on is valid.

What Is WSL?

WSL is an excellent tool that lets you use a Linux distribution on a Windows PC. Developers can use software and tools that run on Linux while staying within Windows. Windows environment.

Keeping WSL Up-to-Date

Regular updates help keep your WSL application up-to-date with the most recent Windows advancements. This reduces the chances of encountering errors like “error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg.”

The Role of Virtual Machines

Virtual machines are crucial to WSL. They allow you to run Linux distributions with ease. Being aware of how they operate is vital to identify the issue.

Preventing Future Errors

To avoid seeing “error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg” in the future:

  • Be informed of WSL Updates and implement the updates promptly.
  • Pay attention to the settings of your virtual machine.
  • Backup regularly important data as well as configurations.

Real-World Examples

Let’s look at a couple of situations in which users have experienced the error, and then successfully solved the issue. The cases provide insights on ways to fix the issue.

The Impact of the Error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg

This issue can cause disruption to the workflow and negatively impact the performance of your PC. Knowing the implications of this error is crucial in finding the correct solution.

Success Stories

We’ll tell tales of people who have faced the issue but were able to overcome the issue. Their stories and strategies may aid you in your problem-solving journey.

Expert Advice

Learn from the experts as they share their insights and tips for efficiently handling the “error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg”

How to Fix WSL Errors

If you’re having issues in WSL Don’t fret; the issue is easily fixable. Take these steps:

  1. Updating WSL Check that WSL is current. This could resolve numerous problems. Visit “Settings,” then “Apps,” “Optional Features,” and finally click “Windows Subsystem to Linux.” Find the “Update” option.
  2. Review System Requirements Make sure your system has the WSL standards. It is required to run Windows 10 (64-bit) with virtualization enabled within the BIOS.
  3. Reinstall WSL If the issue persists Reinstall WSL. Open PowerShell with an administrator. Type the following commands, then enter after each: Bash WSL shutdown
    dism.exe /online /disable-feature /feature name: Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux
    dism.exe /online /enable-feature /feature name: Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux /all /norestart
    wsl –set-default-version 2
    WSL –installation
  4. Verify of Virtual Machine Settings It is the virtual machine. Make sure your settings for the virtual machine are up to date by using Windows Hyper-V Manager.
  5. Change the HTML0 version of your Linux Distribution If your issue is connected to the Linux distribution inside WSL Update it. Utilize the package manager of your distribution to install updates for packages and the kernel.
  6. Verify for conflicting software Sometimes, third-party antivirus or software may cause problems with WSL. It is recommended to temporarily disable such programs to see if the software is responsible for the issue.
  7. Reset WSL If the issue persists then you should restart the settings of your WSL installation. Open PowerShell with an administrator and execute:
    Css WSL --shutdown
    WSL --disregister
    Replace using the title with the name Linux distribution that you wish to eliminate.
  8. Reinstall Linux Distribution Following reset, you are able to install the preferred Linux distribution by downloading it from Microsoft Store Microsoft Store or by downloading the software package for your chosen distribution.
  9. Find the help of a community If the issue persists, think about seeking assistance through forums, GitHub, or other community-based platforms that are specifically designed for WSL. Others may have experienced similar problems and offer solutions.
  10. update for Windows Take care to ensure that you’re Windows Operating System is current with the most recent updates. In some cases, WSL issues are resolved through Windows updates.

What is Error 0x80370114 in Windows 11 WSL?

This error message is 0x80370114 or error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg It’s within the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 11 means that there’s something that is preventing the development of a virtual computer operating Linux. It’s similar to trying to create the playground of your PC, however, something has gotten impeding the process.

How to Fix Error 0x80370114:

  1. Set up virtualization 1. Make sure that the “virtualization” option is on in the setting of your computer. Consider this like enabling an additional tool WSL requires to function effectively.
  2. update Windows Make sure that you’re Windows 11 operating system is current. Sometimes Microsoft makes updates available to resolve issues, which include issues associated with WSL.
  3. Reinstall WSL 2 :
    • Start a command-line tool (PowerShell) with additional powers (run as an administrator).
    • Take these steps step by step:
      Bash WSL shutdown
      dism.exe /online /disable-feature /featurename: Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux
      dism.exe /online /enable-feature /feature name: Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux /all /norestart
      wsl –set-default-version 2
      WSL –install
    • error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg in order to fix.
    • The set of commands outlined here will help in resetting and installing WSL 2, often fixing the issue.
  4. Look for other programs: Sometimes, as in the event that you’ve got lots of toys in your space, another software may hinder WSL’s work. Turn off the software to find out whether it’s the cause of the issue.
  5. Ask for help If none of the previous solutions are working, it’s acceptable to seek assistance. Contact the WSL community, or Microsoft support in the same way you would ask your friend for assistance with a question that you aren’t able to solve independently.

Possible causes for WSL Error CreateVm/E_INVALIDARG

  1. Virtualization is not enabled in BIOS/UEFI. The principal reason behind this E_INVALIDARG error is the deficiency of support for virtualization in the BIOS/UEFI settings on your system. As WSL demands that virtualization be activated to make and run virtual machines, running into constraints concerning virtualization may cause issues.
  2. Hyper-V is not installed or enabled: Hyper-V virtualization happens to create several virtual machines within Windows. It is able to virtualize hardware and operating systems such as network devices, or hard drives. WSL is dependent on Hyper-V for virtualization with Windows 10 or Windows 11 (Professional Editions). If Hyper-V has not been properly installed or activated it could result in being able to produce the “E_INVALIDARG” problem.
  3. corrupted WSL Installation A malfunctioning WSL installation may distort relevant configuration files and contribute to an E_INVALIDARG error.

WSl Error Code: Wsl/Service/CreateInstance/CreateVm/E_INVALIDARG

An all-encompassing approach to fixing the error will include a thorough examination of the affected Windows components and their functionality within the BIOS/UEFI as well as Windows aside from resetting the WSL. Possible solutions to the issue are listed below:

  1. Modifying the BIOS/UEFI settings
  2. Installation or activation of Virtual Machine Platform and Hyper-V
  3. Reset WSL
  4. Reinstalling and uninstalling WSL
  5. Check Distro Configuration
  6. Checking Windows Event Log

Some possible troubleshooting strategies to be followed in search of a quick solution include:

1.) Modifying the BIOS/UEFI settings

The first method of troubleshooting is finding the cause of EINVALIDARGis in order to determine if any problems are occurring in this Virtual Machine Platform. First, you must check the BIOS/UEFI settings to make sure that Virtualization Technology is enabled, these steps are started:

  • Start the system again to access the BIOS/UEFI settings using (F2 or F10 DEL, F2 or ESC according to the applicable).
  • Select the CPU configuration, or associated section and check you have the virtualization technology option is activated.

2. Installing or setting up Virtual Machine Platform and Hyper-V

In order to fix the error e_invalidarg error, it is necessary to look into the VM settings as the VM is in constant communication with the WSL. The performance and reliability of the WSL can be improved when you ensure that your Virtual Machine components function seamlessly. Assuring that Hyper-V and the Virtual Machine Platform and Hyper -V are installed and activated these steps may be completed:

  • Start the Control Panel and choose the Turn Windows feature on or off in the Options and Features option.
  • Check you have the Virtual Machine Platforms verified or active. If not, then enable the identical.
  • Make sure to enable Hyper-Voption on the same page in case it’s not activated.
  • Start the system again so that the new settings become effective.

3] Reset WSL

Issues arising from improper setup or installation of WSL that result in the E_INVALIDARG error could be fixed by resetting WSL. If the files or the system is damaged, WSL commands could cease to work, leading to an error indicating that the argument is invalid.

Thus, setting the WSL is a way to re-initialize instances, as well as the related variables. This could assist in resolving the problem.

In the following steps, WSL can be reset by using Windows PowerShell: 

  • Enter Windows PowerShell in the search bar on your desktop and then right-click on the result of your search and choose Run as Administrator.
  • To stop the WSL from shutting down the WSL, you must run: wsl -shutdown
  • For unregistering the specific instance (distribution) or the instance (only when more than one distro is available) then run WSL -unregister
  • To install the new Linux distribution, you can run: wsl -install

4. Removing the program and reinstalling WSL

A major cause for this error could be due to an incompatible installation or configuration problems with the subsystem in question. This procedure can be carried out in the event that WSL reset fails to fix the problem.

Furthermore, WSL relies on various systems components and dependencies which could cause this error, if they’re it is not compatible or missing. Therefore, in these situations, it is recommended to uninstall WSL and then reinstall it will help to eliminate the possibility of the issue.

For uninstalling and subsequently installing WSL, these actions can be followed:

  • Search for Windows PowerShell in the desktop search bar, then right-click the result of your search to choose Run as Administrator.
  • To remove WSL, type: wsl -uninstall
  • To install the subsystem again to install the subsystem, you must run: wsl -install

5] Check Distro Configuration

The settings of the installed Linux distribution are stored within the wsl. conf file under the directory /etc, in a distribution-by-distribution manner. The file is attached to the particular Linux distribution and, in instances where the configuration has been damaged, it could result in the issue discussed. To determine the state for the specific distribution

  • Enter Windows PowerShell in the desktop search bar, then right-click the search result that matches to choose Run as Administrator.
  • Type the command wsl -l-vin to use Windows PowerShell to check for the list of distributions on the system, along with their status and version.
  • The output of the script displays the name of the distribution and its version downloaded distribution, as well as the status (running/stopped) as well as the location of the root directory of the distribution.

6] Checking Windows Event Log

If none of the steps above are able to fix the issue If the error persists, a look at the Windows Event Log related to WSL could provide more insights into the problem that can aid in determining the corrective steps.

In the end, the error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg typically occurs because of an inconsistency in the configuration component of WSL. Therefore, a systematic approach to troubleshooting that involves resetting the WSL or removing it and then installation of the distribution in addition to checking the state of the distribution, may aid in resolving the problem.

How can fix 0x80370102? A virtual machine cannot be initiated because a feature that is required was not in place.

Imagine that you are playing the virtual world of your personal computer, known as Windows Subsystem with Linux (WSL). Sometimes, it won’t work due to a lack of items it requires. The error code, 0x80370102 signifies exactly that.

  1. Enable WSL and Virtual Machine Platform :
    • Imagine switching on the lights in your play area. You can open a specific window of command (PowerShell) in the role of an administrator (that’s similar to being a manager). Follow the below command to turn on WSL:
      Bash dism.exe /online /enable-feature /feature name: Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux /all /norestart
    • Then, switch to a different instrument (Virtual Machine Platform) by using this instruction:
      blast dism.exe /online /enable-feature /feature name: VirtualMachinePlatform /all /norestart
  2. Set WSL 2 as the Default Version :
    • Similar to choosing your preferred game, make sure you select WSL 2 to be the default by executing this command:
      arduino wsl –set-default-version 2
  3. Install a Linux Distribution :
    • The playground you are in needs of some games (a Linux distribution) to enjoy. Visit the Microsoft Store, pick your most preferred option (like Ubuntu or Debian) Click “Install.”
  4. Install WSL Update :
    • Maintaining your computer up to date is similar to receiving the most recent game patch. Install and download your WSL update package by clicking this page to download the WSL2. Linux kernel update package available for computers running x64.
  5. Restart Your Computer :
    • When you’ve made these adjustments you’re like going on a vacation and then returning to your play area. Start your computer again to allow each update to take effect.

What’s error code 0x8007000d within WSL?

Imagine the error code 0x8007000d in terms of the digital signal for red flags. It’s your computer’s way of saying, “Hey, something’s not exactly right with WSL.” The issue is usually related to issues with permissions for files or the data contained within WSL.

How to Fix Error Code 0x8007000d:

  1. Check Your WSL Version :
    • Imagine that there are two variants that are WSL: WSL 1 and WSL 2. WSL 2 is better and more stable. If you’re not currently using the software, you may switch using a couple of special commands.
  2. Update WSL :
    • It’s crucial to ensure that you keep WSL updated, the same way the apps on your phone are updated. For this, you need to open PowerShell as a administrator, using this command:
      Arduino WSL --set-version 2
      Replace using your name and the title of with the title of Linux the name of your Linux distribution.
  3. Check for File System Errors :
    • There are times when it feels like you have an unclean room. There’s a need to tidy the mess. Make use of a tool that is specifically designed for this purpose, System File Checker. System File Checker by typing the following command into PowerShell (or Command). Prompt:
      Bash SFC scannow
  4. Reinstall WSL :
    • If none of the other options work Try reinstalling WSL. This is like disassembling a puzzle before put it back in place. Start PowerShell as administrator, and execute these commands:
      blast dism.exe /online /disable-feature /featurename: Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux /all /norestart After that:Bash dism.exe /online /enable-feature /feature name: Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux /all /norestart
  5. Reset WSL :
    • As a last resort, you can reset WSL. This is like starting from scratch however it will also eliminate all Linux distributions that you’ve downloaded. When you’re in PowerShell as an administrator do this:
      Css WSL unregister
      Replace using the reference to the name of the distribution that you’d like to get rid of.
  6. Ask for assistance by contacting the WSL Community :
    • If you’re stuck you can ask your friend for help. Get in touch with the WSL community, or Microsoft assistance for more customized assistance.


In conclusion, the “error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg” can be a frustrating hurdle for Windows users using WSL. But, with the expertise that this article provides it is possible to tackle the issue with confidence. Learn the cause, adhere to guidelines, as well as seek out expert assistance whenever needed to keep this issue at bay.

Is the “error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg” common?

While not extremely frequent, it could occur while working with WSL as well as virtual computers.

Can I prevent this error from occurring? 

Yes, by using the most effective guidelines and keeping your computer up-to-date, you will reduce the chance of experiencing this error.

How do I upgrade WSL on my Windows machine? 

You can update WSL via in the Windows Features menu or by making use of PowerShell commands.

What’s the role of virtual machines within WSL?

Virtual machines are vital to run Linux distributions in WSL.

Are there any third-party software tools that can help identify and resolve this issue? 

There are various third-party tools that can assist in diagnosing and troubleshooting the “error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg.” It is important to be cautious when using them and be sure that they’re legitimately sourced.

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