Jasmine White 403

Jasmine White 403: Who is She | Why Tiktok BAN Her

Who is Jasmine White 403

Jasmine White 403 is a TikTok content creator her videos have been viewed by millions over the last few days.

 Her Life As a TikTok Maker of Videos

Jasmine White 403 started her life as a creator of content through TikTok under the same name as mentioned in this article. The app became popular after uploading her video where she’s eating raw fish, chicken, and even birds.

The video she uploaded has been viewed more than 61.6 million views through the application.

TikTok The company’s authorities have removed the account of Jasmine White 403 from the application. Her account was deleted quickly, so there is no announcement on it.

Comments and reactions of the viewer to her video :

A lot of TikTok users are warned to look at people similar to Jasmine White’s 403. This video sparked huge excitement in the other users, and they began looking up her name. Let’s look at some of the feedback on the video from TikTok users.

One TikTok user has posted in a post that Jasmine White 403 is going to meet with her. Salmonella.

A third person said the person was planning to pretend to be a cake with a hyperrealistic design.

Similar comments are visible on videos she posted on her YouTube account. Now after her account is deleted, users are looking at using her name on TikTok and various other social media sites, particularly on YouTube.

A well-known YouTube creator of content has created videos about her. A YouTube influencer, with a channel named called ‘Asher” has uploaded an online video in response to her behavior, for example eating chicken that is raw. He also called it disgusting as well as ‘rare’.

What do we know about Jasmine White 403

As per several Twitter users, she’s been dubbed the one who has eaten raw chicken and fish in her videos.

The profile on the internet gained the attention of people after she took a video of herself eating raw food and then uploaded a number of videos to her profile.

The original TikTok account with the username Jasmine White 403 is no longer accessible at the time when this article was written, and all of her videos from the beginning appear to be gone.

In the viral clip, Jasmine White 403 is seen eating a whole uncooked chicken in front of a camera.

The account of the user who created it was banned as per Distractify and Distractify, the original video is not able to be watched.

Users of TikTok were shocked by a woman who eats whole RAW chickens in disgusting videos

Another user with the username jasminewhjte403 is also on the market.

In this instance, it is reported that the user was having bites taken from the entire fish that is raw.

The description of this video can be read as: “Today I was feeling a little fishy”

Nowadays, many users post videos showing other people’s responses to looking up the name of the user.

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